YouthSecret Wicking Data

Here we include details on the data behind YouthSecret’s low wicking properties.

In-House Wicking Tests

We did a wicking test in-house on several different materials: a cotton pillowcase, luxury silk pillowcase (SLIP), a paper towel, and the YouthSecret pillowcase’s HoverSlip material.

Left to right: YouthSecret, Luxury Silk, Cotton, and a Paper Towel

After ~5 minutes, the wicking properties of each material were pretty clear. The paper towel was the least wicking, as expected, and cotton came in 3rd. Silk was less wicking than everything except the YouthSecret pillowcase, which was significantly less wicking than any other material.

YouthSecret was significantly less wicking than any other material.

Benefits of Low-Wicking

Since the patented YouthSecret material has less wicking than cotton or luxury silk, less natural oils are pulled away from your hair, allowing your hair to retain its natural moisture and preventing frizz more than any other pillowcase.